Night at the museum, NYC

The iconic dinosaur fossil showcased in the lobby wowed me! The American Museum of Natural History is located on the upper west side of Manhattan near Central Park. Visiting this museum is a must especially if you want to gain knowledge on human cultures, the natural world and the universe.

The Cher Show, Broadway

What a spectacular musical treat! It is thrilling to watch how Cher, a music icon for decades, worked her way up from rags to riches. Three women played Cher representing her Babe, Star and Lady personalities. Fans won't be disappointed as the show featured all time favorite jukebox hits of Cher. It left me feeling... Continue Reading →

The High Line, New York

The New York High Line is a former railroad converted into a modern, beautiful and peaceful landscape. One can just walk around, rest, relax and enjoy the sceneries for free.

New Year’s Day 2019, New York

First day of the year well spent! While sipping my hot choco and enjoying the view of the Empire State Bldg at Whole Foods, I met a stranger, Ms. Lantis, a 71 year-old painter and sculptor from New Jersey who I talked to for almost 2 hours (while waiting for henny who was attending a... Continue Reading →

White Christmas in Toronto

We are so luck to witness the first snow fall in Toronto City this year. I felt like a kid seeing everything outside covered in white. White Christmas it is. Thank you Lord for making our dreams come true. Thanks to my Tito Percios and Tita Ethel for making this getaway extraordinary. Love lots.

Blue Mountain Christmas Village, Canada

Blue Mountain Village is neatles in the charming little town of Collingwood. This dazzling winter wonderland is so dreamy. It is located at the foot of Ontario's largest ski resort. So happy to experience this beauty. The village offers unique social attractions, dining experience and even shopping. I personally loved how they decorated the village.... Continue Reading →

Blue Mountains, Ontario

White Christmas it is! We made our dream of White Christmas in Ontario's largest ski resort, Blue Mountains. This attraction is a 3-hour drive from downtown Toronto. This year-round mountain resort offers different winter activities to its visitors from outdoor skating, alpine skiing, sledding and even winter caving. It's just the perfect site to have... Continue Reading →

Christmas at Toronto Distillery District

Toronto Christmas market is a holiday tradition at the historic Distillery district. This is holiday magic and romance made real. This month-long event celebrates the sound, scents, sights and soul of Christmas in a magical Victorian era style. I personally loved checking out the bakeries and stores that sells, beers and unique Christmas trinkets.

Clifton Hills, Ontario

Clifton Hills is the “Street of Fun” of Niagara falls. It’s like the Las Vegas of Ontario. It's a complete entertainment district. One may see several resort casinos, theme parks, themed restaurants, the illumination of Niagara falls at night and so much more. As you walk around the busy streets covered in flashy neon lights,... Continue Reading →

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